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“To provide professional and ethical investigations efficiently and reliably with integrity and accountability to our clients."

Mission Statement

“Committed to be unrelenting and responsible in achieving the objective. We will ensure that our clients get the answers to their questions in a timely, efficient and confidential manner while utilizing cutting edge technology and forensics.” 

"Justice must not only be done it must also be seen to be done" - Gordon Hewart

Why would you need a private investigator?

The following cases underscores the importance l of hiring a professional licensed Private Investigator to bring closure to suspicious activities.

  • Case Study 1 Insurance Fraud
  • Case Study 2 Theft
  • Case Study 3 Criminal Defense

Justice...It all starts here... And finishes in a court of law.

What is a Private Investigator or Private Detective?

The chances are that you are not quite sure! Most people have gained their knowledge of private investigation from fictional TV series and books which have exaggerated and glamorised the investigation business.

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